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//kushina is the only female that I like with red hair e__e

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» minato & kushina + red requested by pureheartemotion

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if you deactivate and i can’t unfollow your blog then i hate you

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Minato giggled at the sound of that ‘dattebane’ he loved so much, smiling to himself. sitting up on his usual spot he clapped his hands together silently, and then began to eat. His pace was rather slow at first, as he began to eat a little bit faster, he wasn’t the type of eating that fast, but a whole week full of just dry fruits and water had killed him. Before he noticed his plate was middle empty, smiling again. ”Ah! your food is always so good! Arigatou, Kushina!” he beamed, eating it all as fast as he could. ”So, this whole time, did you had any kind of company? errands from Sandaime maybe? i think i’m getting another mission later next week, Kushina… so i’m not sure if.. well… ”

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